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Graveside Tales interviews Wedel

Graveside Tales has posted a new interview with Okie Horror author Steven E. Wedel. Here it is. This is promo for the werewolf-themed anthology The Beast Within, which includes Wedel’s story “Okie Werewolf Seeks Love.”


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Sara Saint John interview

At TrickConTreat 2008 Sara Saint John sat down and answered some of Steven E. Wedel’s questions about herself and her writing. We invite you to get to know Sara through this interview.

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Steven E. Wedel on Metal Crypt radio

Okie Horror member Steven E. Wedel was recently interviewed on Metal Crypt radio. That interview is now available online at YouTube, complete with video images.

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Dr. Fear joins Okie Horror

Brian Young, also known as Dr. Fear, is Okie Horror’s newest member.

Brian is a native of Enid, Okla., and is best known as horror host of the ‘Mysterious Lab of Dr. Fear’ and the radio version “The Mysterious Hours of Dr. Fear’. He is a Celtic scholar and professor. Brian has published the only triple Celtic language publication to date, ‘Lyver Lywans Bukkyas Keltek’. He has many historical fantasy and horror works forthcoming in the near future. He has a bachelor’s degree in history from Northwestern Oklahoma State University and just recently earned a master’s degree in Arthurian Studies from the University of Wales Lampeter.

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Bill Allen joins Okie Horror

Bill D. Allen, a Norman, Okla. native now living near Tulsa, is the newest member of Okie Horror.

Bill is the author of the fantasy novel Gods and Other Children and Shadow Heart, both from Yard Dog Press, and has had many stories published in various venues, perhaps most notably the Yard Dog Press Bubbas series. He also is a regular contributor to PlanetBiker.

“I … spent my formative years consuming the adventures of John Carter Warlord of Mars, Conan the Cimmerian, and the journeys of hobbits through Middle Earth,” Bill said. “I moved on to Robert A. Heinlein and Roger Zelazny. I was hooked for life on the type of Sci-fi and fantasy that emphasized unrestrained adventure and the unbound human spirit.”

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James Goodman joins Okie Horror

Tulsa-area author James Goodman is the newest member of Okie Horror.

Goodman’s most recent title is Tuttle’s House of Horror. Previous releases include Drums of Ninne’hi, Pixels and Pain, The Dance and The Writing on the Wall. Other titles are pending publication with Resplendance Publishing.

The Delaware native graduated from high school in Georgia before taking part in Operation Desert Shield. Afterward, Goodman attended Oklahoma State University.

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Darkfaery Subculture Magazine founder joins Okie Horror

Duvall Gilchrist-Montgomery, aka Duvy, is the newest member of Okie Horror. Duvy is the publisher of Darkfaery Subculture Magazine, located in Oklahoma City. She’s also a musician, creating dark and melodic music sure to please any fan of horror and tekno.

Darkfaery Subculture Magazine’s Web site is a veritable emporium of gothic lifestyle and subculture information and merchandise. Her MySpace page features several samples of her great music.

Duvy is a driving force behind the upcoming TrickConTreat convention. While you’re there, please be sure to stop by and tell her how much you appreciate her efforts and welcome her to Okie Horror.

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Craig Wolf to headline TrickConTreat

Craig Wolf, a founding member of Okie Horror, will be the guest of honor at this year’s TrickConTreat event to be held Oct. 3-5 at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Oklahoma City.

Wolf is the author of the short story collection Pressure Points and the short novel Trespass, both from Fine Tooth Press.

Steven E. Wedel, another Okie Horror member, also will be in attendance. Other guests include Bill D. Allen, Brian Young, aka Dr. Fear, his assistant Mr. Grimly, horror humorist Tremblewick, and Boobzilla.

In its second year, TrickConTreat’s schedule will include classes and workshops on Halloween culture, B movies, movie making, costuming, makeup, pumpkin carving, Halloween trivia, party planning, and much more. There will be various vendors, a Hearse and Shock Rod show, costume contest and live music, too.

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Brad Sinor

Brad and Sue Sinor

Brad and Sue Sinor

Okie Horror is proud to welcome Bradley H. Sinor as a member. Brad is a Tulsan and you may know him from his many short stories collected in numerous anthologies, or from meeting him at the many conventions he and Sue attend.

Go take a look at Brad’s site. And be sure to visit the Okie Horror Bookstore to buy his books.

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Basore’s “Sins of the Fathers” in New Anthology

Sarah Wilson Basore, aka Sara St. John, just saw the publication of her short story “Sins of the Fathers” in Pixie Dust Press’s new anthology Sinister Landscapes.

Basore said, “Sinister Landscapes is an anthology of 17 modern takes on old school gothic horror. Think Poe and Lovecraft meet Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt. My story is a twisted view of Beauty and the Beast, where the Fathers condemn Kristof as a monster and Annya as a witch. But Annya knows who the real monsters are.”

Visit the Okie Horror Bookstore for ordering information.

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